Your words, your stories.

I've learnt over the years that reading other people's stories that you can relate you really helps. It helps you to deal with whatever you're going through. It makes you feel like that you're not alone, and it can encourage you to deal with what's wrong and stop/solve it!

So today, I've decided to start a little page where you guys can email me your stories or you can comment them below. It can be about anything, whether you struggled with depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, sexual-abuse, domestic violence, teen dating abuse, bullying, cyber-bullying, loss of a loved one, or simply just how you got through your teenage lives! I think everyone struggles with something at one point of their lives. And it really helps if you write about it, so don't  be shy, just send in your stories! It can also be a song, a poem, a story or just simply you writing about what happened and how you got through it (if you've gotten through it yet). If you wish to remain anonymous, let me know, if you want to share with people who you are (give out your blog, your facebook, twitter, email or whatever!) then just add it to your story.

Don't worry about grammar, punctuation, spelling or whatever, just send 'em in! :)

Email them to me at or leave a comment below!

So get sendin'! And if you know anyone who has a story, send this to them.

Stay strong,
You're beautiful.


 "When I was younger, I was really thin and people would always say "oh my gosh! She's so adorable, with that little figure and big personality of hers." I never thought horrible things of myself, even though I was being teased at school for multiple things. The kids at school would say things like "You must be anorexic" and "What are you going to do? Go cry to your mommy? That's all sticks like you are good for." It hurt and I didn't understand why being thin was such a bad thing in their eyes.    My school life got worse as I grew, and it resulted in an extremely low self esteem. People at school would tell me "go kill yourself, nobody loves you..." and "nobody cares about you, your just a stupid little girl with buck teeth, why don't you go jump off a bridge and make everybody happy already?" It was really hard to deal with, and my parents didn't do anything about it other than tell me to "tell a teacher, or ignore them. They are just jealous." As usual, they were wrong. I tried telling on the bullies, but that made things worse. I attempted to ignore their hateful words, but I couldn't shake their words out of my head. I started to believe them.    My seventh grade year (age 12) was a huge change for me, that was a huge reason that I started self harming, I lost my sixth grade math teacher, who had helped me through so much, and was in fact the only reason I passed math and the sixth grade. She had cancer, and in the end wasn't able to beat it. I struggled with that for quite some time, until I had to worry about my grandpa. He became sick around Thanksgiving that year, and the doctors were running tests. Turned out, he had cancer too. I didn't think much of it because I was under the impression that God wouldn't take two people from me in one year. Boy was I wrong. He died the following March. The last weekend of his life, I spent the night with my grandma, and actually slept in their bed with her one night because she was scared, and secretly I was too. I realized that he was really really sick, but by then it was too late. I didn't treasure him as much as I should of,,,I took him for granted. Then the worst thing happened.     My best friend of about eight years, had been suffering from physical abuse, and I knew about it for years...but she told me not to worry about it. I should've listened to my gut. Her mom killed her on June 5th that year. I lost my best friend, and ultimately blamed myself for not helping her. I sunk into a depression, that I'm still in (on and off), I was lost and out of control. I have lost a total of seven people in my life so far.    The bullying got even worse, and I started cutting one day after school during my tenth grade year. I figured it would solve my problems, without my hurting others. I had no clue just how much I was hurting myself in the long run. I was suicidal for quite sometime, and attempted it at least five times in life. I was hurting and I had lost all hope, and the majority of my sanity. I cut deeper and deeper with every problem I had. Bullies, grades, arguements, family problems. If it was an issue, I'd cut myself for it. I hated myself, and what I had become, but I didn't know how to stop. I seeked help from counselors, after accidentally telling my history class about my wrist one day. They helped a lot, but this year they told my mom about a recent incident (after I told her about it this summer). She threatened to send me to a hospital, and I flipped out. Cried for about three and a half hours in the counselor's office. It was horrible.    Since then I have struggled with my thoughts of suicide, cutting, and loads of other painful things. I have tried my hardest not to cut anymore, and I am succeeding with that. The urge to cut is still there. One day, I stood up to the bullies...and they've eased up quite a bit. I know that it's hard to do that sometimes, but it's worth it.  Also, when I feel like cutting I either pray to god for strength or I listen to my favorite bands or artists. It helps to sleep when u feel like cutting too. Umm yeah...that's pretty much all I do when I feel like self harming." - Carrie. 


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  2. Hi! Well, I was chubby my whole life, and I always felt that it was unfair that I have just one sister and she's the most skinny and beautiful girl ever. When I was a little kid I really didn't care much, but then the bullying started. Words like "fat", "pig", "ugly", "worthless" and more have been on my mind all this time. When I went to middle school things got better, and even the first year of high school I thought that my life was perfect, but then my dad decided to move of city and since I live here my life has became a nightmare. I live bullying again, my classmates are fake and always hurt me. I don't really have friends, I actually feel really lonely. They started to call me fat again (Because I had already lost a lot of weight thanks to workout) because they're all very skinny, so I got on a diet and I ate almost nothing during months. I've fought with my family more than ever because of my eating disorder. I've attempted suicide and self harmed too. Sometimes I feel like there's nothing else to fight for and that everybody would be much better off without me. I just need someone to make me feel alive again...

    1. Hey , I Know That Bullying Can Be Hurtful , And Can Make You Feel Self Conscious , But Know That You Are Not Alone In This , I'm Chubby too. People Call Me Gay , Weird , Ugly , And Some Other Crap I can't Remember. I Was Being abused Physically & Emotionally. My Ma And Grandma Told Me Not To Tell Anybody , But I Did. If You Are Still feeling Worthless , Know That There Could Be Somebody In One of Your Classes Who Love Seeing Your Face Everyday , But Is To Embarrassed To Say Those Three Little Words. I Hope You Have A Great Day , Stay Strong , Mariana! :)

  3. Konichiwa. My Brother is Emotionally & Physically Abusive. He Beats me Up , Kicks Me in The Boobs , And Says That My Mom Wanted Another Son. I Am Also A Witch ( Don't Judge Me :S ) , So I Am Greatly Misunderstood. All The Negativity In My Life Has Drove Me To Scratching Myself With A Floss pick ( The Ones With The Pointy End ), I am Also Having Symptoms Of Bipolar Depression , But When I Told Therapists And Counselors About It , They Dismissed It As Grief or Depression Or Asperger's. Which Makes Me Feel Even More Misunderstood. I Just Want it all to End. All I Ask Is to Be Understood. ;-;