Friday, November 9, 2012

Low self-esteem... Insecure?

I am sure that probably everyone has went through a phase in their life where every morning, they'd look in the mirror and think, "Eww, is that a donkey's arse?" And honestly, no one should have to go through that feeling of having such low self-esteem, that they don't want to go out, take pictures, or even look in the mirror. The feeling of walking outside and feeling so odd, so out of place, so ugly, so fat, so weird... Sucks, right?

Can I first partly blame the media for such wide spread insecurity especially among teenagers. Cover girls, celebrities and models appear flawless and super skinny. They're so skinny, it actually looks painful. Women aren't supposed to look like that! They are supposed to be curvy. If your BMI level is good according to your height and your weight, then you certainly don't need to starve yourself or over work your body by working out! And also please keep in mind that they have professional make-up artists that do their make-up that certainly adds so much to their beauty and makes them seem angelic, gorgeous and completely flawless. Stars like Scarlett Johansson have had plastic surgery to fix their features and adds to their beauty! There's also a make-up technique called shadowing. It basically hides parts of certain features. A perfect example of it is HERE where an Asian makes herself into the spitting image of Scarlett Johansson! Also, don't forget that most pictures of celebs are heavily edited, air-brushed and photo shopped. If you went for a photo shoot, celeb style, you'd look just as flawless, okay. I promise.

Something to help y'all with insecurity:

You have to believe that you are beautiful to feel beautiful. A great way to make yourself believe that is by looking in the mirror and forcing yourself into having positive thoughts about your face, your body, your personality (not that you can see it in the mirror or anything but yeah lol). You could also put up little stickers around your room, your mirror, the bathroom that say "I'm beautiful." and stuff like that :) you might not notice a change, but after reading these signs everyday, your mind subconsciously starts believing it. Therefore a great confidence boost.

Don't believe it if people say you're ugly, fat, hideous or whatever. Most of them are secretly jealous of you and your beautiful smile so they just want you to get down, so kill 'em with kindness and don't let their comments effect you. Hard, I know, but you have to stay strong!

Also, a lot of people believe that they are never good enough. Truth is? You won't ever be good enough for everyone. No one is. Don't be too hard on yourself, we all screw up and make mistakes, yet you have to learn from these mistakes to become stronger, happier and wiser. As long as you're fine with what you have or have not achieved, then that's all that matters! No one should interfere or judge you based on that. But don't set goals that are too high, that's like aiming to never being able to feel good enough! Set reasonable goals and work hard to achieve them. You are never not good enough, you're in this current position because that's how God wanted you to be, and if you're good enough in his eyes, then screw everyone else!

You are beautiful in somebody's eyes. I promise. No one is ugly in this world, everyone has different opinions on beauty and no one will be found beautiful by everyone. Each and every person has their own different opinions, and that means you'll always be the most beautiful person ever in that special someone's eyes. So stop being so insecure and start believing how beautiful you are, most importantly: start seeing it!

Stay strong,
You're beautiful.


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