Monday, November 12, 2012

The Butterfly Project.

Hey, gorgeous! :)

I don't know if you've heard about The Butterfly Project or not, but after I posted about self-harm, I decided to share with you guys a really effective way to help you stop cutting, or any other problem such as throwing up, smoking...etc. Personally, this hasn't really helped me, but, it has helped so many people I know, and it's a generally successful way to stop you self-harming.

Here are the rules:

1. Draw a butterfly on your wrist or wherever you cut when you feel the need to do so, using a pen, a marker, or whatever.

2. Name that butterfly after someone who means a lot to you. A family member, a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, a celebrity crush (it might sound stupid to some, but some celebs actually mean the world to some people).

3. If you feel the urge to self-harm again, draw another butterfly.

4. If you cut once, all of these butterflies die. If you don't, they all live.

5. If you want, you can ask someone you love to draw a butterfly on your wrist, these butterflies are extra special. You must take care off them!

6. Don't wash off these butterflies, let them fade away naturally.

7. Most importantly: don't kill these butterflies! Take good care of them.

Keep this up until the urge to self-harm disappears.

If you read this, and decide to start doing it, feel free to send us pictures of your butterfly/butterflies to or tweet them to us @YallStayStrong or post them on our facebook wall here and we will put them up here for motivation and to show support.

If you don't self-harm, then you can still draw these butterflies to show support, and you can still send us pictures!

You can do this, I'm here supporting each and everyone of you. It's hard, but it's possible!

Stay strong,
You're beautiful.

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