Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspirational playlist.

Hi there, gorgeous!

I know I haven't updated in a while, and it's because I haven't really had much time to create a decent blog post. I've been feeling quite depressed lately, so anything I write with the intention of being inspiring turns out to be quite depressing. So, instead of writing, I'm going to put down a few songs that have really helped me get through tough times.

First song, is by the beautiful Demi Lovato, who is an inspiration herself to me. She's been through it all, self-harm, eating disorders, bullies, bipolar disorder. She went to rehab for a while, and came out unbroken, as she likes to say. She's an inspiration because she's never afraid to talk about her previous issues. She's always about helping teenagers and sending out a positive message. She started the foundation "Love Is Louder Than The Pressure To Be Perfect." and her latest album, Unbroken, which is the first album she has released after coming out of rehab, is really inspiring and very different to her usually rock albums, this one has more of an RnB touch to it. The first single of this album is called "Skyscraper". She recorded half of this song before going into rehab, and the second half after coming out of rehab. So, it starts out with her crying, and then her coming out of everything stronger and complete inspiration. This is one of my favourite songs. You really should check it out. "Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper."

The second song I'm going to greatly recommend is Perfect by P!nk (that's the clean version, the original version is called F*kin' Perfect and even the video isn't really suitable for younger audiences so I'm going to be a good girl and share the clean video). It's basically about feeling worthless, less than perfect, feeling alone, depressed, bullied, bad grades. The video follows the life of a girl who's always the underestimated, insecure, judged, misunderstood.. And how in the end, she turns out to be the happiest out of all the people that put her down in her life. So, anyway, check it out! "Made a wrong turn, once or twice, dug my way out, blood and fire, bad decisions, that's alright, welcome to my silly life. Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood, miss, no way it's all good, it didn't slow me down. Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated, look I'm still around."

The third song, I'm sure y'all know it, is called Firework by Katy Perry. I'm not gonna say anything about it, because I think everyone knows the song! It's also important to watch the video while listening, as it adds a lot to the inspiration bit. "Maybe the reason why all the doors are closed, so you can open one that leads you to the perfect road."

The fourth song is by Selena Gomez & The Scene, it's called Who Says. I love this song because it sends out such a positive message and it can honestly make me feel a lot better about myself. "Who says you're not perfect? Who's says you're not worth it? Who says you're the only one that's heard it? Trust me, that's the price of beauty. Who says you're not pretty? Who says you're not beautiful?"

The fifth song is by Jessie J, she has a song, dedicated to her bullies called Who's Laughing Now which is also a great song, but it's not the song I'm talking about. I'm not really a fan of hers, but Who You Are is an honestly beautiful, beautiful song. It's really, really inspiring. You really should check it out! "It's okay not to be okay, sometimes it's hard, to follow your heart. But tears don't mean you're loosing, everybody's bruising. There's nothing wrong with who you are."

The sixth song is by Miley Cyrus, I'm sure you already know it, it's called The Climb. I don't really like Miley's music, well, I do, but I don't usually listen to it. But The Climb is really, really, really inspiring. "There's always gonna be another mountain, I'm always gonna wanna make it move, always gonna be an uphill battle, sometime's I'm gonna have to loose, ain't about how fast I get there."

The seventh song is again by Selena Gomez & The Scene, called Hit The Lights, it's not like the other songs, but it really inspires me and makes me feel stronger and happier. I absolutely love it! "It's all the money that you're saving, while the good life passes by, it's all the dreams that never came true cuz you're too damn scared to try."

The last song is by the beautiful Kelly Clarkson and it's called Stronger. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller, doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone. What doesn't kill you makes you a fighter, footsteps even lighter, doesn't mean I'm over cause you're gone." 

Stay strong,
You're beautiful.

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  1. Great song choices!
    The song I listen to when I'm feeling down are..Chasing cars by snow patrol, Breath me by Sia, Help I'm alive by The metric
    I don't know why but they allways make me feel better.